How it Works

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If you want to learn about using the patient portal (to communicate with me and have access to your medical record) click here.  I will include more pages explaining the use of my various web tools in the future.

Using This Website

Limited Access

Most of the content on this website is off-limits to people who are not registered as patients in my practice.  There are several reasons for that:

  1. I want there to be as much value for the monthly-fee as possible.  The more I can give you for your money, the more you will find it worthwhile.
  2. I am putting a huge amount of work into this and want it to stay on this website.  Making it open to people arriving by a Google search would make that near impossible.
  3. I want to have some assurance that the people reading this have access to me to ask questions.  This site does not replace my care, but it does enhance it.  I can give much more useful information if I know the people who are reading it.

There is a limited amount of material available to anyone who comes to the website.  This is there to show people who are considering joining my practice the value of this website.


An Article is an update on a certain topic.  For example, if I write something (or record a video) on ear infections, they go to an article.  Most of the new information I put on this site will be as an article.  You can find articles in several different ways:

  • By searching (using the search box on the right sidebar)
  • By category (see below)
  • By Tag (see below)
  • From the index on certain pages (like Adult, Pediatric, Medication pages)


Pages (like this one) are a place where the information stays the same (most of the time).  There are three main kinds of pages I use here:

  • Index Pages – Like adult, pediatric pages that list articles in that area.
  • Information Pages – Like this page, which give useful information that won’t necessarily change much.
  • Forms – I have some pages where you can give feedback, and plan on also allowing some communication about problems directly from this website at some point in time.


Both pages and articles are marked with at least one category.  Some problems fall under multiple categories; for example: a general post on ear infections may be categorized under pediatrics, infants, toddlers, common pediatric problems, infections, and ear/nose/throat.  I’ve tried to be as inclusive as possible, but I can’t promise I’ll get all the proper category changes.  If you find a category you think is wrong or one that should be included, please go to the feedback page and let me know.

There is a category called “uncategorized,” in which I put stuff I’ve written that is not specifically about a problem or age group, but I think is of interest.  It contains humor, poetry, and other creations I’ve had at inspired moments.


Tags are little clues about the content of the article or page.  An article about ear infections may be tagged with antibiotic, fussy, fever, and up all night.  Tags are narrower topics than categories, and they span between adults and children more than categories do.  Again, these will depend on my diligence in tagging articles.


If something comes up in the evening news or there is an important new study, I will put articles (or videos) referring to this under the category “Headlines.”  I will try to keep up with the real big issues in this section, not every thing that runs across the evening news.


Between 2009 and 2011 I wrote and recorded a podcast for McMillan publishing, called The House Call Doctor’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Taking Charge of Your Health.  I’ve included the transcripts for these in their own section.  They are full of practical advice and wisecracks about various medical topics.


I will dedicate a page to giving links to various useful things, such as good websites for general information, places to download forms (for sports physicals, ADD forms for teachers, whatever else I think would be useful to you).