New Patients

Preparing for your first visit:

Step 1:  Tell us about you:  First are forms that we need to register you.  These need to be filled out for each family member (sorry for the repetition!):

Then there are forms that get your medical information.

For Children (under 18), the forms are as follows:

Step 2:  Download the paperwork:  There are three main forms we need you to read through and sign (four if you are on Medicare).

  • Patient contract – this goes over the details about what we offer you
  • Release of Information – this lets us get records from Evans Medical Group or from your old practice (if you weren’t at EMG)
  • Medicare Waiver – This is only for patients on Medicare, and it basically says that I told you I am no longer a Medicare provider (it was the only way I could do the practice).
  • Monthly payment agreement – we will go over the specific monthly fee at the time of the visit but will need a signed agreement so we can collect the monthly payment.  We accept MC/Visa/Disc for monthly payments, but prefer bank drafts (costs us less).

You can also view the low priced lab fee schedule.

Step 3: 

Get on Twistle.  Don’t know what Twistle is?  Check out my explanation!

Then you can click here and sign up.

Twistle invitation