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Welcome to My Health Guide!

This website is meant as a resource so you can take care of your health needs. The information here is written in a general nature, and so may or may not apply to your personal situation. It is meant to guide, inform, and educate you so you can make good medical decisions for yourself. It is a supplement to getting care from your doctor, not a substitute.

I hope you take the time to look through what I’ve put on these pages, and I hope it helps you. It will always be a work in progress, so I also hope that you will send me suggestions for topics to be covered and corrections for any errors you find (factual or grammatical).

Thank you for your trust!

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Patient Resources

If none of these satisfy you, then perhaps you need to watch a video of me (along with my deepest sympathy).

Getting Medical Information Online

For too long, we doctors have taken health care as something we dispense sparingly and at our own convenience. As information became more available on the internet, information that was once ours alone, our position of authority was threatened. Many doctors discouraged patients from going to this source, making them feel guilty for “not trusting” their doctors

I believe the doctor’s role should change: we should no longer see our role as that of information¬†source, but instead should be teaming up with the patient, giving them the tools to get the best out of the life they’ve been given.

Some websites (besides this one) that I trust for patient information:

  • WebMD
  • UpToDate
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Websites by the various medical organizations (American College of Physicians, American Academy of Pediatrics, etc.)

I’ve put some links on the sidebar of this website, and also have made a page for various valuable resources available online.

Why Do This Website?

So why do this website when there are other reliable sources for health information online? There are several reasons:

You Trust me

People come in with information from the Internet and ask me what I think. They know me and trust me enough to let me be their doctor. Instead of reading what someone you don’t know says, find out what I say.

I Trust You

Most online websites have to write for anyone who comes by, so they often water down explanations so much that the answers aren’t all that useful. The only people who access this website are my patients, and they can contact me if they need to. This allows me to write what needs to be written, not what won’t get me in trouble.

I Speak English

Many doctors have trouble with this; they speak doctor jargon fine, but have a hard time putting it in English. I have always tried to make my explanations plain and understandable.

I Am a Writer

I am good enough of a writer to have gained a fair amount of fame in that area. I’ve written for journals, I’ve had a blog, I’ve even been recruited by a major publisher to write a weekly medical podcast. I think this is because I think about my readers when I write, with communication being my top priority, not just putting down information.